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Ashland Amateur Radio Technical Society
Net Pre-amble

CQ, CQ, CQ. This is the Ashland Amateur Radio Technical Society Friday Night Net.
My name is _______, my call is _______. I will be your Net Control Station for this evening's Net.

This is a directed, informal Net which meets every Friday evening at 6PM on this Simplex frequency. This net is a production of the Ashland Amateur Radio Technical Society and is open to all licensed amateurs. The purpose of this net is to familiarize local Hams with Net operations which will be helpful in times of emergencies and to promote Ham Radio in this area.

Later, we will be offering a Swap and Sell portion of the Net. This will be for Amateur Radio related equipment ONLY. Prices on "For Sale" items may be stated, but not negotiated on the air. Also, if you want to purchase an item, you may state that request.

If you have an item for Swap or Sell, please inform Net Control; when you check in. We ask that you hang around after the check-ins for your comments, Swap and Sell, or Rag Chew.

At this time, we will begin check-ins with mobile and short time stations only. Please give your call, name, and location. If you have equipment for swap and sell, please inform Net control when you check in. If you hear a station that you need to contact, just say "CONTACT" when you hear the station and Net control will recognize you after mobile and short timers. Mobile and short time stations please come now.(pause & take if any)

We will now begin our regular check-ins. Please give your Callsign, name, and location. Any station, any Call please come now. (pause & take)

Do we have any traffic??? If so, Please call Net control at this time: (pause)

Are there any announcements for the group assembled? (pause, & take if any) if any, call the station to go ahead with their announcements.

Mention other area nets like Muncie
Area Net Type Time/Day Frequency
Anderson EMA Net 01:00utc / 8:00PM --Sunday 146.820Mhz
Muncie Net 02:00utc / 9:00PM --Sunday 146.730Mhz

Ask for check-ins again here.

(I.D. Time) This is ______, Net Control.

(After check-ins, go back down your list and check for comments.)

We would like your input as to the direction of our Club. You may make your comments or ask questions here on the net. Or at this link http://kaarts.org/comments.htm on the worldwide web.

(Ask check-ins if there is any items for swap or sell?) If you have items for swap or sell please give a phone number where you can be contacted. All transactions are between buyer and seller. The Ashland Amateur Radio Technical Society is in NO way involved or has any responsibilities in these transactions. Are there in late check-ins? Any station., any Call?

We want to Thank you for joining us this evening and invite you to join us again next week, at 6PM on this simplex frequency . The total number of check ins were ________.

We now return this Simplex frequency back to normal Amateur Radio Use. 73's to everyone. This is __________ clear.

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