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AARTS Club Services

AARTS operates the KC9GCD 2-Meter simplex repeater.  The simplex repeater is located a few miles east of New Castle near Ashland, IN.  The simplex repeater operates on a frequency of 147.510. Use of the simplex repeater is open to all licensed Amateur Radio operators who have privileges on 2 meters.  Regular simplex repeater users are highly encouraged to become a AARTS member.  The simplex repeater is cross-band and at times is set-up for 6 meters. But usually is 2m/70cm cross-band for use by the members.

AARTS will be doing a directed information net each Friday evening.  The nets start a 6:00 PM local time.  Following the net, there is a swap net for individuals wishing to buy, sell or trade items.  We request that sellers restrict items which are related to Amateur Radio only.  Price of items for sale may be mentioned on the air, but price negotiation should be held off the air. Net Script is available click here

AARTS is looking at conducting a license training class on a regular basis.  These classes will be designed for anyone wanting to become a General or Extra Class and cover the subjects of radio theory, rules and regulations.  Upon successful completion of the classes, the students are qualified to pass the General or Extra level Amateur Radio license test.  Regularly scheduled license testing is also available at the end of the class or from other sources. 
For more information about other testing sessions,
click here.

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