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AARTS Officers 2007 - 2008

Kameron Ford - N9VL

James Smith - K9APR

Robert Griggs - W9MKA

Robert Griggs - W9MKA

Webmaster At Large
James Smith - K9APR

Kameron Ford - N9VL

Newsletter Editor
This will be appointed

Who is the Ashland Amateur Radio Technical Society?

The Ashland Amateur Radio Technical Society (AARTS) is made up of several locally licensed Amateur Radio operators and family members.  The club will promote education, community service and fellowship amongst the Amateur Radio community.  The club is an affiliated club with the American Radio Relay League The ARRL holds affiliated Clubs to a high standard of community service and development of Amateur Radio as a hobby and public service.

In just a few short weeks AARTS will be holding its regular monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of each month. And the date will be March 11th @ 6:00 PM. At 107 S. 12th St. Location will be the Henry County Emergency Management Office

Membership in the Ashland Amateur Radio Technical Society is open to all licensed Amateur Radio operators, their families, and anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio activities.

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