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FCC Licensing

Henry County Testing- Read Note Below .  Important News on Testing. We have resumed testing in Henry County after a couple of years of not providing a testing session. It is nice to be able to say that!!! We can test from Tech through Extra.

Meet the Henry County VE Group

Mike Brandt KA9CXY
Jay Jackson KA9QIG
Barry Edstene AB9MT
Kameron Ford N9VL
Robert Griggs W9MKA
James Smith K9APR

Testing Dates

February 16, 2008 ---- Canceled to be Rescheduled Soon
April 19, 2008 ---- 3:00 PM
August 16, 2008 ---- 3:00 PM
October 18, 2008 ---- 3:00 PM

ARRL Test Sessions - For ARRL sponsored test sessions in the area, click here.

W5YI Test Sessions - For W5YI sponsored test sessions in the area,
click here.

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